Sunday, November 15, 2009

Story Telling 101, Week 2

"It's always been the same. People you don't know making stupid decisions that ruin every one's life but they're own. They don't care about canceling a show, or cutting the work force after a project ends. They have to come out on top. They work for themselves, which is exactly what you all need to do. Work for yourself, get what you need, produce and publish your own ideas. The industry is not your friend. It won't take care of you in the bad times. it wont keep your secrets. Don't act like it's your Friend. Take advantage of it. You're not lucky to be in it, it needs you because you have the talent to do what they can't do themselves. Now, when you think about that, think about this; Who's going to make your show if you're busy making theirs.
what's that in the back, a question? How will you finance your own film? Man, what the fuck do I look like, an accountant? Figure it out.
Alright, I want to see your story boards next week, and don't be late we're starting right at 1:20."